With the "Rimowa electronic label" Lufthansa and Rimowa won the award of "best baggage originality"

       On September 14, 2015 news: Germany's Lufthansa and Rimowa with the new "Rimowa electronic label", last week in Las Vegas "FTE - future travel experience" aviation industry conference, won the best luggage ideas "together.

       The annual award ceremony, to celebrate with forward-looking ideas and initiatives to aircraft passengers have more comfortable travel experience. Industry experts team responsible for the list of the most innovative, the most ambitious and successful innovation and institution.

       "Rimowa electronic tag" is the first digital, fully integrated mobile solutions for luggage, can let carry baggage air journey more comfortable, more rapid and more safety. 

       Artificial will print today's standard practice in the industry is still the luggage tags on trunk, and Lufthansa passengers could soon through the use of "Rimowa electronic label" at home or on the road with Lufthansa dedicated App registered luggage. Just one click, passengers can via bluetooth to transfer data from the electronic boarding pass from smart phones to the attached "Rimowa electronic label" luggage. Baggage data will be displayed in the integration on the module of data in the suitcase. Registered suitcase only in this way on the conveyor belt Lufthansa's baggage counter.

       Lufthansa will be the first airline to provide the service for passengers.

       Electronic data module of the size and shape is the same as today's paper luggage tags. Important information in the damp, high temperature, low temperature, impact and shock is not affected, and will not be torn off.

       "Rimowa electronic label" plans in full launch after complete test early next year.

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