RFID Book Tag in Library management application

Library applications require RFID tags for books and also for CD/DVD's that are in the collection.  Magazines and other items that are loaned or rented out should also be identified with RFID tags.

Castlestone can provide excellent quality labels for books and CD/DVD's in both HF frequenices and UHF. Both frequencies can be utilized in a library with the major difference that UHF provides a faster and longer read range making inventory taking much faster.  Both frequencies can use Checkout Gates for theft deterance and both frequencies can use dual freqeuncy cards for Access Control and Book or CD/DVD loaning and rentals.

In addition to book and DVD collections these tags can also be utilzed for document tracking and tracing.

RFID High Frequency 13.56 MHz Tags for Books and DVD's 

Library applications using HF - High Frequency which has been the standard for years can implement ISO 14443A proximity - very close read distance or ISO 15693 vicinity - longer read distances which when used with gates can provide over 1 meter (3 feet) read distance.  ICODE SLI S2 or simply ICODE2 also has an additional advantage of having an EAS bit change capability in the IC.  What this means is that you can set the EAS bit so that when the book or DVD passes through the gates the alarm does not sound.  However the system has authorized the loaning or renting of the book or DVD to a specific person.  

Shown photo is Castlestone recommendation for a library book tag in 13.56 MHz.  We do try to use gloss polyester labels where possible as they provide a much longer life than regular paper labels. These labels can have printing or logos on them prior to implementation for a professional looking system.

With our ICODE SLI S2 label and standard reader you can read and chagne the tag state at approximately 6 inches or 15 centimeters.  You can also RFID read multiple tags at the same time with our standard reader.

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