RFID Waste bin tag
RFID Waste bin tag
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Briefly introduction
Waste Bin Tag (30mm in diameter) can be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin ande provide it with the so-called unique identification number (UID). When the waste truck, equipped with the RFID interrogator, does the collection, it records the deposited amount which users pay for the service.
Typical applications
Asset tracking/management Item-level reorganization Waste bin management
Specification Details
Material Nylon
Dimension 1.18 in x 1.18 in x 0.60 in (30mm x 30mm x 15.2mm)
Standard Color Default color is black, Customization is also ok
Weight 10g
Working Frequency 125KHz / 13.56MHz / UHF
Operating Temperature -25C° to + 60C°
Storage Temperature -40C° to + 70C°
Options Laser logo or number
Key Features 1. Perform in the harshest environments, including harsh chemicals, painting processes, 
outdoor exposure.
2. Heavy-based construction provides both stability and safety.
3. Dust & Waterproof.
4. Flexible Read / Write Range (reader dependant).
Application Waste Bin Management, Asset Tracking, Tracking Garbage Bin, Item Level Tagging, etc.
Package 1. 10g/piece
2. 84PCS/Box, 1680PCS/Carton, 18KG/Carton
Waste Management:
– Residential, commercial and industrial bin tracking
– Recycling compliance monitoring
– Improved invoicing and service accuracy
– Route optimization systems
– Institution of incentive-based waste and recycling programs
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