2.4G omni-direction reader
2.4G omni-direction reader
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Briefly Introduction
The working mode of 2.4G active readers is keeping receiving signal which is sent by the active tags real time, then transfer the received data to database for process. It also can write/program something into the tag by the instruction of software. When this reader works together with the provided corresponding tags, the max reading distance is up to 100 meters in an open area, and it is omni-direction means covering an area with radius 100 meters. Furthermore, based on different requirements of application, the user can adjust the gain to adjust the reading distance. This reader can catch the tags which are moving less than 200km/h, and can read more than 500 tags at one time. So it is widely used in schools and huge company for staff management, supervising and locating many assets, warehouse management, etc. OEM/ODM manufacturing is available.
Typical Applications
Area Real time location for personnel in following places: hospitals, nursing houses, schools, mining field, companies, research institutes, armies, jails, etc. Asset real time locating and tracking for security assets, treasured staffs, warehousing and transportation, etc.
Specification Details

Product Name

2.4G omni-direction reader

Working frequency


Reading range

Radius 0-100 meters

Recognizing speed

Max 200km/h

Recognizing quantity

Above 500 tags at one time


Vertical polarizing or double polarizing


5dBi, 32 adjustable steps for receiving, and 4 steps for sending.

Power consumption

Milliwatt level

Communication mechanism

Time division multiple access and Synchronous communication mechanism based on HDLC


Using channel isolating technology, various devices won’t affect each other.


With encryption algorithm and safety approval, preventing link detection


RS232RS485Wiegand26RJ45TTLWiFi, etc

Extending I/O

The switch quantity signal has 2 roads each for input and output (optional)


DC 7.512V   5001000mA


Al alloy housing


Anti-thunder, waterproof, anti-shock for harsh industry environment


180×135×60 mm not including antenna

Net weight


Fixing methods

Using U style and L style specific metal assembly accessories


Based on detail specification and factory standard