2.4G active tag
2.4G active tag
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Briefly Introduction
Compare to passive RFID tags, the active RFID tags have obvious advantages like much longer reading distance, up to 200 meters; with more reliable read/written performance in different environment; with much faster speed of reading multiple tags. However, the lifespan of active tag is shorter than passive tags. Unlike the passive RFID tags, the working mode of active tags is sending data actively because they have an embedded Li battery, and the sending frequency can be set by the user. When the tags work together with the provided corresponding reader, the max reading distance is up to 150 meters in an open area. Furthermore, based on different requirements of application, the user can adjust the gain of reader to adjust the reading distance. OEM/ODM manufacturing is available.
Typical Applications
Asset management and warehousing management for telecom, scientific research, military affairs, finance, physical education, medical institutes, etc. Supervising, anti-theft, relocation, access control, for treasured and security assets.
Specification Details

Product Name

2.4G active tag

Working frequency


-125Khz ID chipset is optional to be added

-13.56Mhz chipset is optional to be added


176B or 1KB memory (optional)

Reading range

0-100 meters

Recognizing speed

Max 200km/h

Communication speed



Using channel isolating technology, various devices won’t affect each other.


With encryption algorithm and safety approval, preventing link detection

Power consumption

microwatt level

Battery life

1-3 years, can be replaced

Voltage detection

Wireless signal indication when voltage is lower than preset value.


ABS engineering plastic, anti-vibration and drop

Working environment

Temperature 40 85


waterproof, anti-shock for harsh industry environment

Interfaces standard



Based on detail specification and factory standard