RFID UHF reader/writer
RFID UHF reader/writer
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Briefly Introduction
Castlestone provides your wanted UHF reader/writer compliant with EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6C/6B. Frequency can be specific produced within the range of 860-960Mhz to fit EU or US standard. Driver and SDK (software development kit) in various platforms are available for your further development of application software. Full set of accessories are available including antennas, adaptor, etc. The reader can connect 4 antennas to enlarge the reading range, so as to reduce the hardware cost of project. And especially the reader can control the working power of each antenna separately, to fit to different application environment. OEM/ODM is available.
Typical Applications
ETC system, intelligent transportation in cities, managing exit and entrance of warehouse, logistic tracking, asset management, supply chain management, parking system, etc
Specification Details

Product Name

RFID UHF reader/writer

Working frequency

860-960MHz( can be customized producing)


ISO18000-6B/6C, EPC Class 1 GEN 2, Container tags, Railway tags

Wireless type

Supporting WEP, WPA and 802.11i

Wireless rate

54Mbps, can be adjusted depending on distance and signal

Working mode of wireless

Ad-Hoc( peer to peer) and infrastructure( basic construction mode)

Working ways

FHSS or fixed frequency, can be set by software


Can connect 4 antennas maximum, SMA connector

Max RF output power

30 dBm

Power flatness

0.5 DB

Output range

20~30 dBm, can be adjusted by software

Reading way

Timing reading, reading when be activated, reading following order from software, can be set and chose

Recognizing time

<8ms for single card

Reading/writing time

Less than 5ms to read 8 bytes, and less than 25ms to write 4 bytes

Reading/writing distance

>8 meters for reading, writing is about 70% of reading (depending on power of antennas)

Communication interface available

Type A: RS-232RS-485Wiegand26/34

Type B: RS-232RS-485WiegandUSB

Type E: RS-232WiegandEthernet

Type W: RS-232Wiegand26/34 WiFi

Input and output interface

2 activated input, and 2 relay output

Power input

DC 5V power adaptor

Power consumption


Product size


Packing size






Working temperature

45~75 (-49°F~ 167°F

Storing temperature

50~85 (-58°F~ 185°F

Working indication

Bee, antenna indicating light, communicating indicating light, power light, reading light, RF radiating light