RF Technology
RF Technology
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Briefly Introduction
Castlestone provides your wanted RF products. Our RF tech. is widely used in many areas and covers various crafts. Our tags could be made into various size,color and shape by your demands, which is well-protected,portable, long-time use etc.Our products line covered RF antenna,deactivator,non-standard adhesive label, hard tags and other RF accessories with growing of technology and applications in this area.
Typical Applications
supermarkets,garment store,cosmetic store,pharmacy,beauty shop,music shop,book store and other many retail chains....
Specification Details

RF System:

  • DPS board with fully automated and digitalised system
  • Excellent detection of hard tags and soft tags 
  • Strong anti-interference ability, good stability
  • Ultra wide installation distance and simple debugging
  • Compatible with all available RF tags and labels in the market
  • Easy installation of momo board and dual board

RF Deactivator:

  • Model: DA-01  
  • Size: 225*225mm
  • RF rang: 7.0MHz-9.0MHz
  • Scanning center frequency: 8.2MHz
  • Decoding speed rate: 160/min
  • Decoding highly: 0-250mm
  • Power: less than 3W
  • Packing: 2 sets/carton

  • Model: DA-05
  • Size: 243*233*26mm
  • Scanning center frequency: 8.2MHz
  • Decoding speed: 120/min
  • Decoding height: within 20cm above the pad
  • Input: 110-240V
  • Packing: 10sets/ctn, 17kgs/ctn, 44x38x38cm
  • Feature: Integrated the deactivator with the pad into one unit.
  • Digital Technology with strong power. It gives instant beep sound once the labels are killed and
  • gives continuous beep sound if the labels can't be killed.

EAS Safer: 

  • Frequency: AM/RF or customized
  • Size: 194*147*18mm, 137.5x221x33mm, customized available
  • Material: PC plastic

Spider Tag:

  • Frequency: RF/AM/EM
  • Size: Dia70*47mm, Dia45*47mm, customized available
  • Alarm: one alarm, double alarms, three alarms
  • Lock: Magnetic locking

RF Hard Tag:

  • 100% compatible with all RF systems
  • Small size, light weight, high Q value and avoid frequency shielding
  • Maximum protection against forced mechanical attacks
  • Standard strength and high strength magnetic lock available

RF Soft Label:

  • 100% compatible with all RF systems
  • Super strong glue and user friendly
  • Various sizes, formats and designs available 
  • Perfect for sourcing tags