There are hundreds of other websites and companies in China where you have visited and you can purchase RIFD products from, so it is fair for you to ask why you should choose us.

It is legitimate on your part to feel a little apprehensive about ordering on the internet or from another country, but we would like to assure you that you can definitely treat us as a branch office of your esteemed company in China. Unlike the other domestic manufacturers or trading companies, we are totally standing on your position and on behalf of your benefit while following your orders with the manufacturers. You can also treat us as a third party company to do the quality control for you.

We are focus on RFID products now, because our employees were already working in this field for years and more than 10 years. However, we are not only supplying RFID products, but also providing anything else which our customers need. So you can also treat us as a sourcing office of yours to search what you want, and you don’t have to face many suppliers who provide different product to you, you just face one window, Castlestone, to follow everything for you.

“Giving all you need” is our company philosophy, which guides us to provide the best service to you; and to be a real PARTNER of you.

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