• RFID non-standard plastic tag
    SpecificationDetails Product NameRFID non-standard plastic tagMaterialSilicone,PVC, ABS, PPS, etcCertificateISO, ROHS,FCC,CEOperatingFrequency 125KHz/134.2Khz, 13.56MHz, 860MHz-960MHzOperating temperature-25℃-50℃, up to 200℃ with special plasticand p..
  • HF/UHF Label
    Pipeline overhaul management, Production management Bus management
  • Visual Z ear tag
    Visual z ear tag is a Plastic (TPU Material) object used for identification of cattle/cow/calf and other animals. Service: OEM,ODM welcomed, quick delivery, fast communication. Ear Tag wholesale and promotion. Resistance to Hot sun,Cold weather and water, Strong Clear Unfading Laser Printing. Male tag with a metal tip,easy to through livestock ear by ear tag applicator.
  • UHF Cattle ear tag
    * Product name: HUF Cattle ear tag AB EAR TAG(80*70) * The antenna: 9627 Chip: H3 * Product specifications: female 80*70mm * Weight: 14g * Product specifications: male 28*22.5mm * Weight: 2g * Product type: electronic label
  • UHF Sheep ear tag
    * Product name: RFID ear tags AB EAR TAG * The antenna:9610 Chip: H3 * Product specifications: 142mm*18.5mm Weight: 5.1g * Product type: electronic label
  • Ear tag applicator
    Put male tag into needle of plier, also put female into the under of the clamp, seeking for good place, next put animal ear between male and female, pressed by pliers, then ear tag into animal ear together.
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