• E-unit
    The LF (125KHz / 134.2KHz) RFID antenna coil tag, also called E-Unit, consists of copper wire wound antenna and RFID chip, suitable for experienced user to embedded in RFID products. RFID coil tag is available in different sizes and chips for different read range, memory size and write mode depends on the application. Our E-Unit could be any format: 125Khz FDX-A FECAVA, ISO11784/785 134.2Khz FDX-B, ISO11784/785 134.2Khz HDX, or ID64.
  • Pet Microchip
    Passive FDX-B /HDX radio-frequency identification mini microchip Bio-glass encapsulated microchip Stores a unique and inalterable 15-digit identification number Can be programmed with any ISO-11784 compliant numbering, even in series Anti-migrating technology (optional)
  • Animal ID Microchips
    Glass Microchip has been developed for subcutaneous injection and it is used for identify animal .Like dog, cat, fish, cow, horse and some others animal. All of the microchips are fit ISO11784/11785 standard and it have been sterilized with medical standard. Each microchip has Parylene coating inside which can prevent the microchip moved in animal's body.
  • RFID Waste bin tag
    Waste Bin Tag (30mm in diameter) can be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin ande provide it with the so-called unique identification number (UID). When the waste truck, equipped with the RFID interrogator, does the collection, it records the deposited amount which users pay for the service.
  • Cable seals
    Cable seals are metal adjustable seals and as such they are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide set of different applications. The body is completely made in aluminium alloy. The inner locking house is made in zinc alloy and material of the cable wire is galvanized non-performed aircraft control cable. Once inserted the opposite end of the cable into the hole, and pulled it to the maximum possible extent, there will be no way to open the seal unless by breaking it with good shears.
  • Seal tag
    RFID seal is one time use RFID tag, which is easy to adjust the size to tie the special place of the asset, such as the goods with hole. Because the place of chip is far away of the banding position, so the read range is not affected by the material; so it is widely use as UHF Banding Tag with a good read range. Banding Tag is waterproof, dustproof, anti-shock, outdoor using, etc.
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