• AM Technology
    AM System: DPS board with fully automated and digitalised system, excellent detection of hard tags and soft tags strong anti-interference ability, good stabilityUltra wide installation distance and simple debugging and compatible with all available am tags.
  • 2.4G active tag
    Compare to passive RFID tags, the active RFID tags have obvious advantages like much longer reading distance, up to 200 meters; with more reliable read/written performance in different environment; with much faster speed of reading multiple tags.
  • 2.4G omni-direction reader
    Area Real time location for personnel in following places: hospitals, nursing houses, schools, mining field, companies, research institutes, armies, jails, etc. Asset real time locating and tracking for security assets, treasured staffs, warehousing and transportation, etc.
  • UHF PCB Tag
    UHF PCB on metal tag is designed and produced by special technology and process, for indoor and outdoor usage in harsh environment like metal, acidic, alkaline, wet, etc. It is easy to apply it on metal surface and has excellent performance of being read and written in long distance.
  • RFID UHF reader/writer
    Castlestone provides your wanted UHF reader/writer compliant with EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6C/6B. Frequency can be specific produced within the range of 860-960Mhz to fit EU or US standard.
  • RFID HF reader/writer
    RFID HF reader/writer is a necessary front-end processing device for developing contactless card related application products and system integration with rich and complete interface communication functions.
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