• ETC control
    Based on RFID technology, car drivers could pay fee at toll station on highway automatically by using RFID labels and RFID reader. When cars approach toll station, the RFID reader at the RFID labels fixed in frontier of car can be identified ..
  • Luxury anti-fake management
    RFID labels make it possible that fake luxury disappear. The only label is usually fixed on the luxury when the luxury is made, which covers the only information about this luxury. It can be read by certain RFID reader. In this way, it protects t..
  • Airport baggage tracking logistics
    Based on RFID technology, airport baggage can be classified automatically and transported efficiently by using RFID labels. The labels are usually fixed on the baggage, which has beenwritten into certain passengers’ information. In this way, it p..
  • Event ticketing
    RFID technology makes fake tickets disappear by using RFID tickets. The sole information iswritten into the only RFID ticket, which can be read by certain RFID readers. However, fake tickets cannot be identified, which is a very valid way to fo..
  • E-payment
    Based on RFID technology, payment would be much easier by using RFID wristbands and readers. The consumers put the wristbands approach to RFID reader to finish the payment in few seconds. Wristbands are widely used in e-payment as they very easil..
  • Swimming pool management
    RFID wristbands make it very efficient for swimming club owners to manage the preciousbelongings carried by members. Swimmers could just wear wristband during swimming in the pool. Swimmers open the box by putting the wristbands nearly, which pro..
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