• Amusement park
    RFID wristbands make it more efficient for owners to manage the amusement park by using RFID wristband and readers. Attendees use RFID wristband to join the amusement park for one-off use. In this case, RFID wristbands could also be served as souveni..
  • Medical health care
    Based on RFID technology, the wristband could record the health condition constantly, whichmay covers the blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, etc. This information could be transmitted in real-time by RFID readers, which provides a more con..
  • Concert management
    RFID disposable wristbands are widely used in concerts mainly for its disposability, whichserves as tickets also could be regarded as souvenirs for this wristbands are disposable. The wristband could be read by RFID readers fixed outside, which ser..
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